Moving Real-World Industries On-Chain: The Journey Towards Decentralisation

2020 is credited as the year when DeFi took the world by storm. The lockdown, coupled with sky-high inflation, meant many people were quick to adopt this decentralised and transparent mode of finance. By the end of the year, NFTs, DeFi and cryptocurrencies had become commonplace in almost every discussion. But is that all blockchains are capable of?

With the rise of oracle networks that facilitate the transfer of real-world data on-chain, people are discovering that blockchain technology can be leveraged in several other industries like healthcare, supply chain management, insurance and more. In the panel below, our speakers share their views on decentralised technologies and their impact beyond the financial sector. They also discuss the oracle problem and the advantages and disadvantages of decentralising real world industries with smart contracts and oracles.

Before diving into the panel discussion, here are some key concepts to note.

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