Integrating Sustainable Business Models Into Blockchain Projects

In the presentation above, Robyn Linn, Advisor at Vetter examines the components that make up the Vetter ecosystem and talks about how it can benefit Web3 developers and investors. Before we dive into Robyn’s presentation, here are some key concepts highlighted.

What is Vetter?
Vetter AI is a research platform built on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC). It leverages the power of crowdsourcing and gamification to help crypto investors research and identify legitimate projects to invest in. The Vetter ecosystem offers a range of decentralised applications, also known as dApps. The aim of these dApps is to help developers launch and manage their own projects, and help investors make more educated decisions. 

CrowdX & Vetter’s Intuitive Oracle
Vetter’s first dApp, CrowdX, was released in 2021. It features the CrowdX Calendar which consists of community members with distinct roles. Namely, “Scouts”, “Vetters” and “Voters”. Scouts are responsible for finding and posting projects that are in presale, fair launch or Initial DEX Offering (IDO) stages on the calendar. Vetters then help to provide additional research data on each project, after which, Voters monitor the success of these projects over a certain timeframe.

The CrowdX Calendar also features Vetter’s Intuitive Oracle. The Intuitive Oracle allows users to sort projects posted by Scouts based on their personal investment objectives. For example, users who prefer investing in projects that double in value within the first 24 hours of launching can choose only to view projects that hit this specific criteria. On the other hand, those that prefer projects that have more long-term benefits would be able to sort out the projects that show greater potential over a longer timeframe.

In addition, Vetter makes use of gamification to incentivise community members to continue contributing accurate data to the Vetter ecosystem. Scouts are colour-coded based on their ranks. The highest ranked purple Scouts have the best record of posting successful projects. Robyn cited the example from their audit earlier this year where more than 90% of projects posted by Vetter’s purple Scouts at least doubled in price within 24 hours of being launched. 

In her presentation, Robyn introduced Skylabs, which serves as an incubator for developers to launch their projects and share them with the CrowdX community. With Skylabs incubator, projects get to benefit from a team with both blockchain and business expertise. Developers who might not have prior experience handling business operations would be able to tap into an array of in-house resources in order to raise funds, allocate budgets and successfully market their projects. Robyn also highlights how Skylabs has helped new projects in hitting “hardcap”. The term “hardcap” refers to the highest amount of funds a cryptocurrency project aims to raise during its Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Robyn reiterated the importance of building a holistic team by providing the example of The Gaming Project which managed to raise $10 million in their pre-sale launch. According to Robyn, The Gaming Project were well prepared for the entire process of launching their project by building a team with the right experience. 

In a space where thousands of new projects are launched each year, it can be tricky for new investors to differentiate the good projects from the “rugpulls”. With CrowdX and Skylabs, the Vetter ecosystem aims to help both rookie and veteran investors make more informed decisions and get into projects with strong fundamentals at the earliest stages. 

Vetter was a Platinum Sponsor of the inaugural Blockchain Oracle Summit in Berlin. The summit was the first to focus solely on oracles’ importance and design. Vetter’s use of the intuitive oracle feature and gamification of due diligence makes technical information easier to come by, making them a relevant partner at BOS22.

Find out more about Vetter:
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