The inaugural Blockchain Oracle Summit: Berlin, held in June 2022, was the world’s first conference to focus on nothing but oracles. For three full days, the close-knit summit was home to in-depth, technical discussions about oracles, with oracle teams and end-users discussing how to move data more securely, more efficiently, and in a more decentralized way.

All the content from our summit is available for free right here, with accompanying articles to make sense of the more technical concepts. If you find any mistakes, or if you don’t understand anything in particular, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re always ready to talk oracles.

First-party VS Third-party Oracles

Ugur Mersinlioglu is the Technical Product Owner at API3. In the presentation below, he examines the differences between first party ...
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Bridging Between Worlds: Oracles In The Metaverse 

The global metaverse market has the potential to generate up to US$5 Trillion in value by 2030. The recent rebranding ...
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Moving Real-World Industries On-Chain: The Journey Towards Decentralisation

2020 is credited as the year when DeFi took the world by storm. The lockdown, coupled with sky-high inflation, meant ...
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Building Autonomous Multi-Chain DApps Using Cross-Chain Automation Powered by Gelato

In the presentation below, Hilmar Orth, founder of Gelato Network, presented on the evolution of multi-chain applications and the impact ...
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Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Where Data Verification Meets Privacy

In the presentation below, Laurence Kirk, CEO of, presented on Zero-Knowledge Proof and how it could be applied to ...
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The Future is Multichain; Enhancing the Interoperability of DApps with Cross-Chain Oracles 

Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Cosmos, Polkadot, Optimism… the list goes on. As more blockchains are being created with ...
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Evaluating the Integration of Subjective Oracles for Executing DAO Decisions

In the presentation below, Clément Lesaege, co-founder and chief technical officer of Kleros, presented on the integration of subjective oracles ...
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Oracles as a Catalyst for Bridging Real World Assets On-Chain

In the presentation below, Niklas Kunkel, Oracle Core Unit Facilitator at MakerDAO, talks about the role that oracles play in ...
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Ensuring Honesty in Decentralised Systems: Oracle Manipulation & OEV 

In the presentation below, Dominik Muhs, Senior Security Engineer from ConsenSys Diligence, dives deep into the world of oracles, explaining ...
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The Oracle Solution; A Call To Action

In the presentation below, Tomás Ruiz, technical lead of Witnet, presented on the importance of standardisation for oracle networks, the ...
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Leveraging Hybrid Contracts to Provide Decentralised Insurance Services Worldwide

In the presentation below, Mattias Zimmerman, CTO of Etherisc, provides an overview on the central role that hybrid smart contracts ...
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The Role of Telecommunication Organisations in DeFi and Staking

In the presentation below, Product Owner at T-Systems MMS, Tobias Jung, shares details about how the telecommunications company is providing ...
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Implementing a Layer 2 Cross-Chain Bridge on a Blockchain Agnostic Oracle Protocol

In the presentation below, Shamil Khalilov, founder and CTO of Hardron Network evaluates the challenges faced by layer 2 cross-chain ...
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Tellor 360: Upgrading Beyond Upgradeability

Tellor is a decentralized oracle network built on Ethereum that enables censorship-resistant access to off-chain data. Earlier this month, Tellor ...
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Enabling The Transition to a Smart Contract Economy

In the presentation below, Brent Milliken, Ex-Head of BD Enterprise at Chainlink Labs provides an overview on the work Chainlink ...
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Analysing How Different Financial Data Sets Can Be Used and Validated Using Oracles

In the presentation above, Alexander Coenegrachts, VP of Product at Kaiko, gives his insights into how different financial data sets ...
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Integrating Sustainable Business Models Into Blockchain Projects

In the presentation above, Robyn Linn, Advisor at Vetter examines the components that make up the Vetter ecosystem and talks ...
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Evaluating the Trade-Offs of Different Oracle Projects

Saša Milić is uniquely placed to objectively compare oracle networks. On top of being a software engineer and data scientist, ...
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Why Human-Powered Truth Machines Are Inevitable Oracle Technology

In the presentation below, UMA’s Co-founder, Hart Lambur, provides insights into how UMA’s Optimistic Oracle connects any type of real-world, ...
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Failure Resistance: The Dual Oracle Design

In the presentation below, Liquity’s CTO, Rick Pardoe, presents insights into how the Liquity protocol is leveraging both Chainlink and ...
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DeData Studios: Building the Self-Sovereign Data Economy

Gone are the days when big tech companies like Meta decide when and how to monetise your personal information. Or ...
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A Framework for Evaluating Security of Different Oracle Designs its Components

In the presentation below, Dominik Muhs, Senior Security Engineer from ConsenSys Diligence, provides an in-depth analysis of the components that ...
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Determining The Best Way To Aggregate Data Feeds

In the presentation below, Connor Martin, Ex-head of Protocol Partnerships at Uniswap, examines the inner workings and potential vulnerabilities of ...
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Quantstamp: Scaling DeFi Insurance Claims with Blockchain Oracles

In the presentation below, head of Quantstamp Germany & CEO of Chainproof, Sebastian Banescu discusses the workflow of DeFi insurance ...
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Euler: Evaluating On Chain Median Pricing Oracles

In the presentation above, Euler Co-founder, Doug Hoyte, gives us insights into the team's extensive research into TWAP oracles and ...
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0VIX: Lending Market Risk Assessment via Agent Based Modeling

In the presentation above, 0VIX’s Head of Quantitative Research, Daniele Pinna, gives us a peek under the hood at 0VIX, ...
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Tellor: From Company to DAO to Protocol, Moving to the Next Phase

In the presentation above, Tellor’s CTO, Nicholas Fett, gives us an overview of his work building a decentralised oracle network ...
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