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As the transmitters of truth on a blockchain, oracles are one of the most crucial aspects of technology’s next chapter. The goal of the Blockchain Oracle Summit is to bring builders, users and investors together, to accelerate growth in the oracle space. While scaling oracles to meet growing demand, careful attention needs to be paid to maintaining costs, decentralization, trust and more. Immutable blockchains need to be complemented by the most robust oracle networks. 

The Blockchain Oracle Summit hopes to encourage more cooperation among different oracle projects, further innovation in oracle applications and the rapid adoption of oracle technology among potential end users. This will be achieved through high-value, small-scale summits where real solutions are discussed – and real business gets done. Do you think a specific speaker, sponsor or attendee could be a key stakeholder in your future work? Let us know, we promise to do our utmost to get you in a room with them.

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Blockchain Oracle Summit: Berlin Tellor

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